June 2021

The SSCHR Holds Its Periodic Meeting with Representatives of Ministries and Member Bodies

The SSCHR held its periodic meeting on Monday, June 28, 2021, in the presence of representatives of ministries and Committee’s member bodies. During the meeting, AmbassadorAlaa Roushdi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights and International Social and Humanitarian Issues and Head of the TS of the SSCHR, reviewed the progress achieved by the TS in April and May 2021. The meeting reviewed the results of the hearing sessions held by the TS within the framework of the second phase of the consultation on the draft National Strategy for Human Rights.

The TS held a consultative session on May 8 with representatives of a number of civil society organizations, the National Council for Human Rights and public figures. Ambassador / Alaa Roushdi advised that, during the session, the most prominent features of the draft strategy and its expected results were reviewed, followed by presentation of comments and suggestions from the participants regarding the draft. Ambassador Roushdi emphasized that the SSCHR considers civil society organizations as an essential partner in promoting and protecting all human rights, and is committed to strengthen communication, coordination, and consultation with these organizations.

The TS also held a meeting with the Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives, at the headquarters of the House of Representatives on May 9, in the presence of the Chairman of the Committee and a number of its members, with the aim of listening to their comments and suggestions regarding the draft strategy. It is noteworthy that during the first phase of the consultation on the draft, six hearing sessions took place in December 2020 and January 2021, which included representatives of the National Council for Human Rights, civil associations and institutions from different governorates, professional syndicates, labor unions, research centers; universities, federations of chambers of commerce and businessmen associations, public figures and intellectuals. In drafting the Strategy, SSCHR took into considerationseveral proposals that were presented during these consultations with regards to the different pillars of the Strategy The meeting also reviewed the preparation of responses to correspondences received from international and regional human rights mechanisms, the preparation of a number of reports on national efforts to promote human rights, and efforts related to the completion of the establishment of the SSCHR website, as well as the ongoing efforts to develop the national database to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations submitted to Egypt by international and regional human rights mechanisms. The meeting reviewed results of the meetings of the SSCHR working groups concerned with specialized technical files one of which is the working group on legislative issues, which aims to study ways to align national legislation and Egypt's obligations under the Constitution and the international and regional human rights conventions to which Egypt is a party.

The deliberations of the Committee emphasized the importance of continuing and intensifying efforts to implement its mandate as stipulated in the Prime Minister’s decision to establish SSCHR , through preparing and following up on the implementation of an integrated approach to promote, respect and protect all human rights and emphasizing the importance of regular interaction and coordination between all ministries and relevant authorities on various human rights issues. SSCHR will also facilitate means of communication and consultation between the executive authority, on the one hand, and the Parliament, the National Council for Human Rights and civil society on the other. This is in addition to strengthening the existing cooperation between Egypt and international and regional human rights mechanisms.