August 2021

The SSCHR Holds its Periodic Meeting with Representatives of Ministries and Member Bodies

SSCHR held its periodic meeting on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 with the participation of representatives of its member ministries and bodies where Ambassador Alaa Roushdi , Assistant Foreign Minister for Human Rights and International Social and Humanitarian Issues and Head of the SSCHR TS presented the progress achieved in the work of the TS in June and July 2021. The presentation highlighted the preparation of responses to correspondences received from international and regional human rights mechanisms; reports prepared by the TS on national efforts to promote human rights; efforts related to capacity-building in the field of human rights; finalization of the SSCHR website in preparation for its launch; as well as the ongoing coordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to develop the national database to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations presented to Egypt by international and regional human rights mechanisms.

Representatives of the ministries and bodies members of SSCHR affirmed their commitment to continue the dedicated work on all aspects of the human rights portfolio to implement the Committee’s mandate as stipulated in the Prime Minister’s decision to establish it. They emphasized that SSCHR is considered as an important addition to efforts to strengthen the institutional structure for the respect and protection of human rights. Furthermore, Egypt enjoys an advanced constitutional and legislative framework to protect rights and freedoms, in addition to its huge record of successful experiences and achievements to build on