April 2022

2022 Year of Civil Society: The Ministry of Social Solidarity Launches the Community Dialogue on the Research Project “The Cost of Terrorism” in Cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies

In response to the Presidential mandate and in accordance with the comprehensive approach to address terrorism, the Ministry of Social Solidarity in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies launched on Monday, 11 April 2022 the first event pertaining to the research project “The Cost of Terrorism” with the participation of representatives from various concerned ministries, experts, opinion leaders and researchers.
The research aims to study the phenomenon of terrorism based on an in-depth understanding of social conditions with a view to effectively address it. The study is not limited to violent attacks carried out by armed groups, it includes the system of extremist groups, ideologies and extremist thought. It indicates that terrorism and the ideological basis on which it is based must be addressed jointly since there is no terrorism without an ideological basis that justifies it. As long as the intellectual basis for terrorism exists, its danger remains even if security and tranquility prevail for some time. The project comprises four main pillars, namely: the political pillar, the economic pillar, the social pillar and the cultural pillar. Each pillar includes a study of the cost of terrorism, its causes and ways to address it.
This study, which was carried out by the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies, offers a significant contribution to the generation of in-depth knowledge regarding the phenomenon of terrorism, which is one of the main challenges facing the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Egypt as stipulated by the Egypt National Human Rights Strategy which was launched by the President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in September 2021. The Strategy states that terrorism threatens the individuals' enjoyment of their basic rights and freedoms, and thus measures to combat terrorism are an integral part of protecting human rights. The Strategy indicates that Egypt adopts a comprehensive approach to combating terrorism based on two main pillars where the first aims to confront terrorist groups and entities, and the second aims to achieve comprehensive development to address the underlying factors that cause terrorism.
The President had announced 2022 as the Year of Civil Society and as a new phase to enhance its cooperation with the State such that civil society institutions become a key partner for the implementation of programs and initiatives for the comprehensive development in Egypt.