The First Training Program on Human Rights for the Technical Secretariat (TS) members

The Training and Capacity Building Unit held the foundation training course on human rights for members of the TS of the SSCHR during the period from March 9 to April 1, 2021 at the State Information Service (SIS) headquarters. This training course is considered the beginning, and the first episode, of a series of specialized and in-depth trainings in the field of human rights for members of the TS.

The Unit has prepared a study of the training needs of the various units of the  TS to measure the level of challenges and to identify obstacles to effective performance in order to reach a high level of efficiency. In light of this, this training was prepared and implemented in response to the training and technical requirements of the units of the TS.

This training course aimed to build and develop basic knowledge in the field of human rights for the trainees, and to be fully familiar with the relevant international principles and standards. The training program provided and introduced information regarding knowledge of human rights issues that the Supreme Standing Committee for Human Rights is entrusted with, to establish a knowledge structure for the trainees, and to transform that information into professional behavior.

The training dealt with multiple topics aimed at: identifying the general framework related to the international, regional and national human rights system, defining concepts and terminology related to human rights issues; introducing mechanisms for protection and promotion of treaty and non-treaty-based international human rights; as well as familiarization with the International Bill of Human Rights and other relevant international documents. The training also dealt with: drawing an integrated picture of the process of submitting reports, discussing them, and making observations and recommendations; classifying the international and regional obligations of the state; identifying the points of convergence and overlap between human rights issues; focusing on other relevant specialized issues related to women and children rights; combating torture, enforced disappearance and human trafficking; and the international and national legal frameworks governing all these topics.

Members of the different units of the TS of the SSCHR participated in this training course including: the media monitoring unit, the periodic reports unit, the correspondence unit, the human rights monitoring and recommendations follow-up unit, the partnerships unit, the information technology unit, and the legislative affairs unit.